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Manufacture manufactory felt hats

Manufacture manufactory felt hats

Thanh Tung Thinh has many type of conical hat. It is great when you travel and have some gift for your family or your friends, even for you! The holiday is coming! Thanh Tung Thinh has many type of fashionable straw hats for your trips. It is perfect if you have some gift for your family or your friends even for yourself! Jump to.

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For more information on any of these companies, please click on the company name below:. Stetson Hat Company was born. Read More… Adam Hats. Adam Hats manufactured and sold a variety of hats, including the traditional fedora, and pork pie hat. In late spring of each year, Adam Hats promoted straw hats for the summer. Read More… Biltmore Hats. Biltmore Hats Inc. They produces some of the finest hats in the world.

This tradition, which began in , has been developed with the hard work and dedication to fine hats. Dobbs hats are worn by those who seek only the finest in classic straw and felt hats. Read More…. Closed in the 80s. Beaver Brand Founded in in St. Louis, but no longer in production as of Borsalino A classic Italian manufacturer, still doing business today.

By the company employed more than workers and reached an annual production of more than 2 million hats with its products reaching every corner of the world. Cavanagh One of the premiere hat-makers in the s and 30s, Cavanagh remained a premier hat maker through the s, and made excellent hats into the 60s. Hat Corporation of America took over the company in Champ Considered a budget to mid-quality brand by many, Champ made a really nice quality hat, and though they were certainly not top-of-the-line, they had a lot of style!

Churchill A line of fine quality hats, the Churchill line was bought out by Resistol in the s, though Resistol continued to produce hats under that name for quite some time. The company was actually located in Norwalk, CT, where many of the the high end hatters were located, including Knox, Cavanagh, and Dobbs.

The company merged with Cavanagh-Dobbs in , which was, in turn, taken over by Hat Corporation of America in Dobbs One of the premiere hat-makers in the s and s, and still around today. Dorfman Pacific Dorfman Pacific prides itself in being one of the largest full-line, in-stock headwear companies in the world. They recently celebrated their 90th year in business at their , square foot facility in Stockton, California.

Dunlap Merged with Knox in , though they continued to make hats under this brand name. Knox One of the premiere hat-makers in the day, along with Dobbs and Cavanagh, Knox positioned their hats as being the best money could buy, and had a knack for exploiting a market with slick advertising.

Largomarsino A South American manufacturer in Argentina, the company, still in business today. Lee Located in the hat-making center at Danbury, CT, Lee was probably the most prolific producer of hats for private labelling.

Mallory Owned by the E. Mallory Company, Mallory Hats was one of the oldest hat-makers in the United States when the brand was sold to Stetson in The brand was considered the pinaacle in France and but was also well-known in the United States for most of the twentieth century. The company was founded by Charles Mossant in the nineteenth century, and by more than 2, hats a day were being produced; half of them were directly shipped to the U.

Hat production ended in Panizza The Panizza Headwear Company is among the oldest companies in Italy, having been manufacturing headwear since Distribution was limited to Texas and Oklahoma early on, but by the late s wasnation-wide. They manufactured hats into the s, and there is still a Selco store in Brooklyn today.

Smithbilt Hats The Smithbilt legend was born in In , Morris created the first white cowboy hat. Little did he know the White Hat would become the internationally recognized symbol of the Calgary Stampede and the City of Calgary. Dedicated to the promotion of western values and traditions they are committed to moving the legendary Smithbilt name forward with an emphasis on quality and service.

Stetson, John B. His father, Stephen Stetson, was a successful hatter and taught his children the trade. Stetson developed tuberculosis as a young man, and moved west hoping to recover. He first settled in St. Joseph, Missouri, and later moved west following the Gold Rush to California, before finally returning to Philadelphia to try his hand at the hat manufacturing trade.

Stetson found the eastern hat market difficult, and so turned his attention to the Westerners… marketing hats based upon styles he had seen and developed during his own travels.

Tilley Tilley Endurables makes Hats and the finest travel clothing for men and women. Ingenuity, practicality and enduring quality. Proudly manufactured in Canada. Trimble Located in Orange, New Jersey, the Trimble Hat Company was a popular hat manufacturing company during the late 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Wormser Wormser was considered a mid-range hat, though several were just as good as any vintage Stetson or Mallory. They had different levels of quality. Worth and Worth Founded in Adam Hats Adam Hats manufactured and sold a variety of hats, including the traditional fedora, and pork pie hat. Biltmore Hats Biltmore Hats Inc. Bailey Founded in by George Bailey, and still in production. Disney Founded in in New York City Dobbs One of the premiere hat-makers in the s and s, and still around today.

Guerra Another very good Italian hat. Habig Austria. British Mallory Owned by the E. Marathon Made by Lee for J. Stetson, Stephen Of New York.

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Smithbilt Hats is the original manufacturer of the Calgary White Hat, known for its symbol of hospitality. Made locally in the heart of Stampede culture and crafted with high quality felts for over 50 years. We have numerous services available that can give your old favorite hat a new look. Smithbilt has strong ties to the filming industry in Calgary and beyond. Our hats can be seen in many films.

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For more information on any of these companies, please click on the company name below:. Stetson Hat Company was born. Read More… Adam Hats. Adam Hats manufactured and sold a variety of hats, including the traditional fedora, and pork pie hat.

If you are looking for headwear factories you have come to the proper place.

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Refine your search. Manufacturer producer - felt hat. Find out about this company.

In the 17th Century , "the Huguenots had a virtual monopoly on the processing of beaver; they held a chemical formula for treating the fur that enabled them to maintain their control of the European beaver market even after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes resulted in their diaspora. In "British Parliament passed the Hat Act 'to prevent the exportation of hats out of any of His Majesty's colonies or plantations in America, and to restrain the number of apprentices taken by the hat-makers in the said colonies, and for the better encouraging the making of hats in Great Britain'. By this act not only was the exportation of colonial hats to a foreign port prohibited under severe penalties and no person was allowed to make hats who had not served an apprenticeship for seven years; nor could any hatter in the colonies have more than two apprentices at one time; and no black or negro was permitted to work at the busines of making hats. There was, at first, a large group of hatters on the lots sold by the parish on both sides of the Common, and its Vicinity. Parrows Brook, on the south side of the bridge, where it crosses the Main Street, was then open, and on its east side was a large flat rock. To this rock all the hatters of the vicinity repaired, to wash the stock which had gone through their dye-tubs.

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Take a tour and see how these famous cowboy hats are made at the Resistol Hat manufacturing plant. These Garland staples have been manufactured in.

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