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Plant manufacturing constant resistors

Plant manufacturing constant resistors

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Thread Starter Madelaire Joined Mar 1, Hi I am making some lighting for a project, using LEDs. When connecting all 15 LEDs in series there is no problem. Turn on all lights b. Turn on only source 1 c. Turn on only source 2 Options a-b are no problem.

Because they exceed the minimum load of the LED-driver. But option c does not. To accommodate this I thought of placing a resistor in option c , as shown in the circuit below.

NB: I could not find the right switch, so only option b-c is illustrated. But it gets the point across. But I am not sure how to choose a resistance for a constant current circuit.

Any input will be appreciated!! Scroll to continue with content. MrChips Joined Oct 2, 19, In theory, you do not need a series resistor because the supply is already a constant current source. If you wish you can use a resistor to provide some additional load and some level of protection. Use the 3W mA to calculate the voltage drop across each diode.

MrChips said:. I was thinking that the load had to be 25W. Then to be safe i increased to 56ohm. Sorry, I missed the part about minimum load of 25W and maximum of 60W.

This means that the supply has a voltage range from 35V to 85V. Have you ever touched a 25W soldering iron or a 40W lightbulb? It makes zero sense to me to make a LED fixture then to need to dump all that heat waste all that energy to make it work the way you intend..

What is the reason for the switch? Lower light levels? Adding another driver for the smaller load? Madelaire said:. Possible, but is it practical? How much space have you got for a 19W at least heatsink? Okay I have come to understand that I should drop it. And just live with not being able to disconnect a section. Are you certain the DC output is galvanically isolated from the AC line? The load requirement strikes me as odd, and I'm a bit suspicious the driver is essentially a buck type non-isolated converter that is not isolated.

Can you show us some pics or a link to data, etc? Could you wire a bypass switch to short out the two LEDs? SG View attachment It is a reputable company, so I would be surprised if the supply is not fully isolated and has safety agency approvals. Easiest solution is to purchase a different driver with dimming option..

Or just try seeing if it will work with only 3 or 4 leds. I suspect it should. Then you can wire it up so that you have your full 15 LEds on one setting and 3 or 4 on the other setting. No, my point was with regard to safety. A lot of hobbyists buy LED drivers from Chinese vendors. Some of them are unsafe. Some are safe for the original purpose which was built entirely inside a "light bulb" where isolation is not an issue.

I was concerned that your supply might have been intended to be built inside something that removed risk of shock and hence did not require isolation of the DC output from the AC line. It is not uncommon for a constant current supply to have a minimum output voltage requirement because internal control power comes from the same transformer and tracks in proportion to the output voltage.

I don't know what to think here. From you photo I would conclude the supply an ordinary 78 VDC constant voltage supply, not a constant current supply, yet the datasheet, which does not include that model, says constant current for the series. There are no safety agency markings it. You must log in or register to reply here. Continue to site.

General Electronics Chat. Dec 22, Should the Capacitor share a common GND? Dec 18, How is the following circuit solved.? Oct 22, Oct 10, Oct 13,

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Resistors that tolerate against pulse or surge are required to be used such as; precharge resistors in the circuit where large current is instantaneously applied or, resistors in the circuit where ESD is more likely to be applied. Pulse means the overload of large power and with long duration large energy whereas surge means overload like ESD, of high voltage and with short duration. Anti-pulse resistors are unlikely to be damaged even if large power is instantaneously applied.

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This product group comprises load and test resistors for laboratory environment , test field and industrial environment with different degrees of protection. These resistor types are used for different applications like voltage divider , series resistor or as load resistor. The load and test resistors consist of different resistor elements out of our type series T to T Fixed resistor, IP20, 65 - W, in laboratory version, enclosure with alumini Slide resistor, — W, up to max. Adjustable slide resistors with spindle drive, - W, up to 30 A, IP20, Potentiometer, IP20, up to W, in laboratory version, enclosure with aluminiu

[Solved] Resistor in constant current circuit

As you search for surface mount passive components that will ensure the optimum performance of your circuit design, count on the broad line of products from KOA Speer. Our engineering teams are developing a wide range of new smaller sizes and integrated packages to accommodate higher clock speeds and product downsizing. Our world class manufacturing facilities are poised to ramp up with new designs, allowing us to take them to market with the shortest of lead times. And our sophisticated warehousing and distribution system ensures the availability of components when you need them.

We are an independent, medium-sized, family-run company and have been producing electronic components, in particular power resistors, in our factories since In addition to our standard program, we have specialized in the production of products that we develop together with our customers.

Wirewound resistive elements consists of an open helical stainless steel wire wrapped around a tubular porcelain core, allowing for fast and efficient cooling. In general wirewound resistive elements are ideal for low current conditions, offering excellent power dissipation, stable resistance, and shock-proofing. Edgewound resistive elements are strip type elements, essentially a stainless steel tape wound on tubular porcelain insulators.


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This is caused by the relaxation or realignment of the electrical dipoles within the capacitor. This phenomenon is affected by time, temperature, voltage voltage has a minute effect. These higher values have their drawbacks too. This means the maximum capacitance available in these stable parts is much lower than that of the Class II parts. The effect of time imposes a predictable loss of capacitance in Class II capacitors. For X7R and X5R the loss is calculated at After manufacturing the crystalline structure of the dielectric material is reset. It is due to the realignment of these crystals after firing that the capacitor goes through a logarithmic loss of capacitance.

In these LEDs, the current is already regulated, either by simple resistors or an internal constant-current driver, within the LED module. These LEDs require one  Missing: Plant.

A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, bias active elements, and terminate transmission lines , among other uses. High-power resistors that can dissipate many watts of electrical power as heat, may be used as part of motor controls, in power distribution systems, or as test loads for generators.

Load and test resistors | T400

Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Madelaire Start date Mar 1,

Resistor Solutions

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Resistors are Riedon's specialty.

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