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Production building metal-cutting machines

Production building metal-cutting machines

Machine building factory "Sasta" is a Russian enterprise with a half-century history, one of the few that has preserved and inherited the best traditions of the Soviet machine building industry. Machines of the factory have established as quality and reliable equipment known throughout the world. Machines produces in "Sasta" are supplied to machine-building enterprises in Russia, as well as for export. The technological capabilities of the enterprise allow producing products of any complexity:. Research and development department has been operating on a base of the machine building factory "Sasta" for 45 years.

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"Sasta" machine building factory

Dimensions of Soviet Economic Power; Studies. United States. Joint Economic Committee. Noncommercial transactions. Communal consumption. Current growth problems and prospects. Recent trends in labor productivity for industry as a whole B Indexes of production and employment in Soviet industry selected. The Administration and Distribution of Soviet Industry. Planning and supervision. Production of specialists. Appendix A Soviet higher education statistics.

Teacher Education in the Soviet Union by Clarence. City planning. Public utilities. Social aspect of inadequate housing. Trends in real personal disposable income Recent trends in consumption.

Trade with the free world. Official exchange rates per U S dollar and per ruble for Soviet bloc. Soviet economic credits and grants extended to the European satellites.

U S S R trade with underdeveloped countries in Appendix A Soviet foreign trade by country and Bloc credits and grants to some specific less developed coun.

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Commodity composition of Soviet imports from Communist. For example, Pravda, on June 14, , reported that The figures for the USSR include militarized internal security forces, such as border troops, for which there is no US counterpart. The figures for the United States include, while those for the USSR probably exclude, foreign military assistance and the cost of maintaining forces abroad.

Soviet defense expenditures would, therefore, be understated relative to To the specialist, as well as to the dispassionate amateur, it seems a real miracle that the state-owned and state-operated industry of the Soviet Union has progressed to the extent it has. The simple fact that it has progressed is apparent to all.

In essence, these measures open up the path for introducing in the USSR diversified and comprehensive secondary schooling as exists in many other countries of the world. The plans of training and distribution of specialists are as directed; that is. This means that the Soviet economy has been growing, and is expected to continue to grow through , at a rate roughly twice that of the economy of the United States.

Technology of electrochemical production. Technology of silicates. Technology of basic and organic synthesis and synthetic rubber. Technology of dyes and Intermediate products. Technology of medical and aromatic compounds. Technology of plastics. Technology of varnishes, paints, and nonmetallic coatings. Technology of rubber. Technology of cinematographic-photographic materials. Technology of electrovacuum materials. Chemical kinetics and combustion. By , however, the US population had grown to million, or to 80 percent of the population in the interwar territory.

Although population estimates for the present Soviet territory for have not been constructed, it is probable that the population of the United States was about 70 percent as large as Joint Economic Committee U.

Other machines for building material production

Email: sales mytmachine. Tel: There are many kinds of machines consisit of sheet metal cutting machines , for example , band saw machine , guillotine shearing machine , CNC turret punching machine.

Developing high technologies in machine tool building, raising the image and prosperity of Russia, thereby making a significant contribution to the world economy. To produce quality high-production machines of Russian production for enterprises of all industries that allow them to maximize efficiency of their production. In autumn , an object of unfinished construction was purchased - a production building with a total area of square meters at the industrial site of Lipetsk tube plant.

You are using an outdated browser version of the Internet Explorers. Please update your browser for ideal presentation of the website. Plasma cutting is a melting process. Thermal cuts are particularly suitable for medium sheet-metal thicknesses from one to millimeters.

Plasma cutting

From this range, HELLER generates customer-oriented complete solutions — from the stand-alone machine to the fully-automated turnkey production system. Tailor-made off the peg: Flexibly configurable 4-axis machining centres with unbeatable productivity and unparalleled resilience. Productivity in 5 axes: 5-axis machining centres with the 5th axis in the workpiece for dynamic and productive machining. The benchmark in 5 axes: 5-axis machining centre with the 5th axis in the tool for high-performance 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining. MC Highly productive series manufacture of light-duty to heavy-duty automotive components. CBC

"Sasta" machine building factory

Dimensions of Soviet Economic Power; Studies. United States. Joint Economic Committee. Noncommercial transactions.

Bending height : from to mm.

The machine-tool plant "SASTA" is a Russian enterprise with a half-century history, one of the few that has preserved and inherited the best traditions of the Soviet machine-tool industry. The machine tools of the plant have established themselves as quality and reliable equipment known throughout the world. Products "Sasta" is supplied to machine-building enterprises in Russia, as well as for export.

HELLER machines & solutions

Weber Comechanics was established in as a research and design entity undertaking development of analytical instruments — pyrometric control devices for resistance welders — which attracted significant interest of engineering experts in the industry. At close cooperation with production plants, it became obvious that many processing areas lack necessary equipment or tooling. In order to increase production efficiency, a unified engineering approach had to be applied to all stages of processing.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Any automatic machine aimed for economical use of man. The sheet metal In cutting operation as or blade descends upon cutting machine works with the help of pneumatic double the metal, the pressure exerted by the blade first caused acting cylinder.

Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

Machines are designed for turning in the chuck and centers of parts with straight, step and curved profile. The range of spindle speed control allows processing of products made of both and non-ferrous metals and alloy steels. Learn More. The range of spindle speed control allows processing of products made of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloy steels. JSC "Sasta" - one of the largest operating machine-tool plants in the territory of the Russian Federation. The main activity of the enterprise is a full cycle of production of metalworking machines.

And how are works for fiber laser cutting machine? The quality of the nozzle in the manufacture has higher precision requirements, the installation also.

Alma has many years of experience with plasma cutting, a technology that is particularly widespread in industries that use half-thickness sheet metal, especially ship-building. The plasma cutting process consists in cutting by localized fusion using an electric arc. The energy is concentrated in the form of a jet of ionized gas — the plasma — channeled at very high speed onto a precise point on the metal surface of the part. This process is mainly used for medium thickness sheets 10 to 30 mm but can cut any electro-conductive material with a thickness between 0.

The machine is equipped with optical systems that read the perimeter and the surface defects of the slabs to be cut, and with a sophisticated and effective software that optimizes The simple and sturdy machine for processing marbleand granite slabs, has evolved in electronics and in software with a new user-friendly interface and a lot of utilities. The squaring machine in which the heart of Maranello beats A project, mechanics and electronics

Today the company covers an area of approximately square meters, of which are covered by two adjacent buildings, about 8 meters high, served by 5 bridge cranes. Inside, new offices were built for the administrative department on the ground floor, and for the technical department on the upper floor. In the medium term, the company aims to acquire additional pieces of equipment, to include production stages that are now outsourced, to be able to produce special and fully machined pieces for customers.

CRplasma cutting systems Industrial quality plasma cutting machines at affordable prices.

The equipment stock of the factory has more than pieces of equipment, among which there is a unique:. About company General information History of the company Licenses and certificates Careers Information disclosure Privacy Policy Consent to the processing of personal data Catalog Lathes for moderate cutting duty Lathes for heavy cutting duty Vertical lathe machining centers with CNC F3 and milling function F4 Pipe-threading oil country lathes Heavy duty lathes with straight-through carriages Machines in stock Foundry Machining workshop Service Press center News Media Catalogs and booklets Contacts. Machining production. The machine-building factory "Sasta" performs machining processes of its own casting - complex body parts for the metal cutting equipment production.

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