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Units industry television apparatus and equipment

Units industry television apparatus and equipment

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NCL11-2019 and NCL11-2020 data for “Hierarchical” and “Full” view modes not yet available.

Where do novel ideas come from? Sometimes they come from left field, when you least expect them. At the time, my division had grown to nearly five hundred engineers, technicians and support people and I was a busy man. As for me, ever since my early days of television broadcast studio equipment and TV receiver design work at Loral back in , my TV-engineering training and experience had occasionally surfaced to think about ways of using a TV set for something other than watching standard broadcasts.

There were about 40 million TV sets in the US homes alone in , to say nothing of many more millions of TV sets in the rest of the world. They were literally begging to be used for something other than watching commercial television broadcasts! In , thoughts about playing games using an ordinary TV set began to percolate in my mind. Management said No and that was that.

During a business trip to New York City on the last day of August in , while waiting at a bus terminal for another Sanders engineer to come into town for a meeting with a client, I jotted down some notes on the subject of using ordinary home TV set to play games. I distinctly recall sitting there on a sunny day and writing on a small spiral note book perched on one knee Not so the pages of the Disclosure Document that I wrote the following morning. They survived to this day and are at the Smithsonian along with all of the game hardware we built off and on over the next three years.

It was a Eureka moment. When I got back to my office in New Hampshire on September 1, , I transcribed those notes into a 4-page paper, a Disclosure Document which dscribed the idea of playing television games on a home TV set. Note that the term "video games" did not appear until the mid-seventies.

I asked one of the engineers in my Division to read, date and sign the document - standard procedure to establish a legal record. He did that. Some of the phraseology of that 4-page paper reflects the fact that I was working in a military electronics company. Page 1 of the 4-page Disclosure Document.

I also could not possibly have visualized that the pages of the Disclosure Document would surface again after in Federal Courts in Chicago, San Francisco , New York , Ottowa and many other places in pursuit of patent infringers. Even thinking about Video Games had absolutely nothing to do with the normal business of developing complex military electronic systems in my Division at Sanders Associates. So I just did it! TV game development activity continued thorough and Most of the work was done by Bill Harrison, then an Engineering Associate; and by Bill Rusch, an engineer who both made important contributions to game concepts.

I supervised the activity, stopping by a few times during the day in the special room where we were doing the actual hardware development work.

That attitude changed rapidly years later when money from patent licenses and from successful litigation started pouring in. Everything has to start somewhere: First and second TV Game chassis. Several progressively more complex game systems were developed during and in We could now play all manner of sports games: Ping-pong, volleyball, handball, soccer, hockey and several others.

It was switch-programmable and played a large number of sports, maze and quiz-type games. The "Brown Box" multi-game unit with its Target Shooting "rifle". As far as neat games and producible technology was concerned, we were done! The marketing effort was another story. It remained a major problem for two years. We tried to introduce video games into the Cable TV industry in without lasting success. Finally we turned to US television set manufacturers for possible interest in this brand new product category.

Throughout we demonstrated the Brown Box to representatives of various TV set producers. No such luck! Magnavox finally took a license in and their Odyssey Home Video Game, a production-engineered version of our Brown Box, was the result. It started the Home TV Game market. According to the Agreement between us, Magnavox had the responsibility, as our sole licensee, to handle all sublicensing activities for video games. Sanders and Magnavox went after the first set of infringers, the lawsuits began and would go on for the better part of fifteen years.

I had the dubious pleasure of being on the stand from the second to the tenth of June, day after day, acting as a fact witness. Spread out before me were all of the game hardware units we had built at Sanders between and Our Brown Box, the game unit, was there, hooked up to a TV set and used to demonstrate technical particulars to Judge Grady. That lawsuit and others that followed it were largely about the interaction between manually-controlled and machine-controlled symbols on screen, like the paddles and the ball in a ping-pong game.

Judge Grady was very interested in the subject. He was very sharp and amazed all of us with the amount technical detail he absorbed and digested during the trial. He was friendly and often turned to me from the bench while I was on the witness stand, asking for explanations of some technical detail that had escaped him.

I was impressed. One day the opposition brought an arcade PONG-type game into the courtroom. Its r. The judge read this decision from the bench on January 10th of If we had written the decision ourselves, it could not have been more supportive of our position. We had won a clear-cut victory.

The public, printed record of the decision in USPQ, page 26 also contains that statement. Atari, the pioneer arcade video game manufacturer of the period was joined in that first lawsuit with Seeburg and some others.

Atari got a relatively low-cost paid-up license which acovered past infringement for US-sold products, but not foreign rights. Those were negotiated five years later. That initial Agreement was dated June 6, It was the first of two Agreements with Atari.

The second one was signed in By then, Atari dominated the video game world. That Chicago lawsuit was just the first one in a series of legal actions against infringers of our patents. We later litigated against Mattel, Activision, Nintendo and Sega and won all of those lawsuits over the period of the next ten-plus years. They ran longer than any Broadway play ever did. The Magnavox Odyssey TV Game system jump-started the industry which we now know as the video game industry and did so in fair style.

Close to , Odyssey games were sold in By the time newer models made their appearance in , Odyssey had racked total sales of about , This happened despite the fact that the Odyssey system was a mid's design using discrete components, like those of the TV sets of that era. By the mid-nineteen-seventies, integrated circuits and single-chip game designs were coming into use, reducing the cost and increasing the performance of games so that the industry took off like a big bird. By some calculations, its gross receipts now exceed that of the movie industry.

Not too shabby for an idea that took off from a few notes scribbled in New York in August of See the Home page for details. Copyright Ralph H. All Rights Reserved. Everything has to start somewhere: First and second TV Game chassis Several progressively more complex game systems were developed during and in Guys playing.


This includes television sets, set-top boxes for digital-to-analog conversion, and other interface devices such as videocassette recorders VCRs , DVD recorders and digital video recorders DVRs. Such apparatus must conform to the technical standards and requirements established in this document. Nonetheless, if some of these devices are also designed to receive television broadcasting that falls within the scope of this document, they must conform to the applicable technical standards and requirements, as established.

Where do novel ideas come from? Sometimes they come from left field, when you least expect them. At the time, my division had grown to nearly five hundred engineers, technicians and support people and I was a busy man.

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United States Census of Manufactures, Industry statistics. United States. Bureau of the Census. Sayfa 9. Sayfa 3. Rubber footwear. Selected individual materials consumed quantity and cost 7. Value added by manufacture 14 8 2. Establishments grouped by their degree of specialization in. Aluminum castings.

NAICS Code 334290 – Other Communications Equipment Manufacturing

Our goal is to ensure globally and locally competitive downstream manufacturing of machinery and capital equipment. Ultimately, we wish to see a competitive and diversified local machinery and capital equipment industry that satisfies a significant portion of demand locally and the rest of Africa, and is able to compete globally. Accordingly, the Machinery and Equipment unit offers finance, and where relevant, technical assistance to a range of manufacturers of the following:. We envisage that through our funding and project development activities, we can achieve the following outcomes:. While each proposal submitted to us for funding is considered on its particular merit, preference is given to:.

This industry manufactures radio and television broadcasting and communications equipment. Important products of this industry are closed-circuit and cable television equipment; studio audio and video equipment; light communications equipment; transmitters, transceivers, and receivers except household and automotive ; cellular radio telephones; fiber optics equipment; communication antennas; receivers; RF power amplifiers; satellite communications systems space and ground segments ; and fixed and mobile radio systems.

A television studio , also called a television production studio , is an installation room in which video productions take place, either for the recording of live television to video tape , or for the acquisition of raw footage for post-production. The design of a studio is similar to, and derived from, movie studios, with a few amendments for the special requirements of television production. A professional television studio generally has several rooms, which are kept separate for noise and practicality reasons. These rooms are connected via ' talkback ' or an intercom , and personnel will be divided among these workplaces.

US8723639B2 - Healthcare television system apparatus - Google Patents

Email: gro. The repair and maintenance of ophthalmic equipment, including surgical instruments and diagnostic devices, can be compared to the maintenance of a motor vehicle, something many of us understand well. If you had a car, would you drive it until the fuel runs out or until a tyre punctures, and then abandon it to buy a new car? Of course not.

ISIC is a standard classification of economic activities arranged so that entities can be classified according to the activity they carry out. The categories of ISIC at the most detailed level classes are delineated according to what is, in most countries, the customary combination of activities described in statistical units and considers the relative importance of the activities included in these classes. The groups and divisions, the successively broader levels of classification, combine the activities of producing units according to: similarities in the character of the goods and services produced, the uses to which the goods and services are put, and the inputs, process and technology of production. Wide use has been made of ISIC, both nationally and internationally, in classifying data according to kind of economic activity in the fields of production, employment, gross domestic product and other statistical areas. ISIC is a basic tool for studying economic phenomena, fostering international comparability of data, providing guidance for the development of national classifications and for promoting the development of sound national statistical systems. We develop international standards for better measurement of labour issues and enhanced international comparability; provide relevant, timely and comparable labour statistics; and help Member States develop and improve their labour statistics.


Definition of NAICS Code : This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing communications equipment except telephone apparatus, and radio and television broadcast, and wireless communications equipment. What are some examples of this code? The bulleted items below are illustrative examples of this classification. What codes are similar to this classification that might be a more applicable code? The cross-reference guide below displays the codes for other similar industries.

Crime in television Dancing in motion pictures, television, etc. (May Subd Geog) – Apparatus and supplies USE Television—Equipment and supplies — Auditions Industrial applications USE Industrial television — Interference UF Television television receivers Video games — — Unit construction BT Unit construction.

This application claims the benefit of U. Provisional Patent Application No. This invention relates to television systems, specifically those used in healthcare settings and hospital settings. Acute and non-acute healthcare facilities commonly make television systems available to their patients for a variety of content-delivery purposes including entertainment, education and hospitality services.

International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC)

United States. Bureau of the Census , Isidore Bogdanoff. Sayfa Ordnance and Accessories.

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Class 9 Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling the distribution or use of electricity; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; recorded and downloadable media, computer software, blank digital or analogue recording and storage media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating devices; computers and computer peripheral devices; diving suits, divers' masks, ear plugs for divers, nose clips for divers and swimmers, gloves for divers, breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; fire-extinguishing apparatus. Explanatory Note Class 9 includes mainly apparatus and instruments for scientific or research purposes, audiovisual and information technology equipment, as well as safety and life-saving equipment. This Class does not include, in particular: - joysticks being parts of machines, other than for game machines Cl. DNA chips.

Multi-camera Production, Re-imagined. When you create a live show, you pull together many sources, make choices, react to changes, and generate an experience in real time.

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