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Units space food industry equipment

Units space food industry equipment

The Restaurant Kitchen is the center of your restaurant where most of the important activities of the restaurant related to food preparation, cooking and plating before being served to customers takes place. The space in the kitchen should be optimally utilized in a way that there is sufficient space for the basic areas such as kitchen cooking area, prep area, store area, cold storage, washing area, and foodservice and staff quarters. There should be a smooth workflow in the kitchen with the required space needed for all the essential functions. However, one of the most vital aspects of running a successful restaurant is not just designing the kitchen right but getting the right Restaurant Kitchen Equipment. So you must make a restaurant kitchen equipment list beforehand to avoid any mistakes. It is suggested that one should view the restaurant kitchen equipment in person before buying it.

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What Are Commissary Kitchens?

The Restaurant Kitchen is the center of your restaurant where most of the important activities of the restaurant related to food preparation, cooking and plating before being served to customers takes place.

The space in the kitchen should be optimally utilized in a way that there is sufficient space for the basic areas such as kitchen cooking area, prep area, store area, cold storage, washing area, and foodservice and staff quarters. There should be a smooth workflow in the kitchen with the required space needed for all the essential functions.

However, one of the most vital aspects of running a successful restaurant is not just designing the kitchen right but getting the right Restaurant Kitchen Equipment. So you must make a restaurant kitchen equipment list beforehand to avoid any mistakes.

It is suggested that one should view the restaurant kitchen equipment in person before buying it. This will help you in inspecting the quality of the equipment and that whether all the parts of the equipment are functioning correctly. As an owner, you may want to cut costs wherever possible but to do so while ensuring there is no lapse in quality of your material, we suggest procuring kitchen equipment from recently shut down restaurants that have not operated for a long time.

Most restaurants shut down in their startup age because they can not control their costs and so you may get good quality restaurant kitchen equipment for a very cheap price. When you are planning to purchase your restaurant kitchen equipment, you should first think that how much space it will take up. Otherwise, your kitchen might get too cluttered and hinder staff movement thus not allowing the kitchen staff to perform at their full efficiency.

You can consider buying multi-purpose equipment if you are low on space. One of the most important factors to consider while buying a new restaurant kitchen equipment is the price.

First, you need to understand how frequently the use of the equipment is. If the equipment is not used as often, you can go for a second-hand option which will save you some money that you can invest elsewhere. We suggest that you make a restaurant kitchen equipment list in order of use and priority. See which restaurant kitchen equipment you need and can spend on and which pieces you can do without. Also, check what all can be avoided by investing in multi-purpose equipment. This way you will be able to manage your kitchen equipment expenses without overstepping your budget.

It does not make sense that the restaurant kitchen equipment that you choose is the latest in looks but is difficult to use and maintain. The equipment that you want for your restaurant should be comfortable to use, clean and well-maintained. At the same time, it must be made of alloys like stainless steel, so it does not become a hub of hiding bacteria.

The best restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers are those that will help install your new equipment on site. They should also be responsible for providing repair services and the needed maintenance. Such a facility will ensure the smooth operation of your restaurant, and therefore, the satisfaction of your customers. There are a lot of different brands available in the market that sell both new as well as used restaurant kitchen equipment.

One should conduct a detailed research about every supplier before investing. If this is the first time that you are purchasing restaurant kitchen equipment, you should consider hiring a professional restaurant kitchen planner. Because there might be a possibility that because of inexperience you might end up buying that equipment that you will never end up using.

Spending money at this stage will help you in saving money in the long run. Leasing is another option to consider when choosing a restaurant supply company if you do not have the required amount of money to invest in your restaurant business in one go. Equipment with short life spans, like ice machines, is suitable for a monthly lease. At times, your vendors also offer leased equipment like coffee makers and coolers. The restaurant kitchen utensils are readily available for second hand in the market.

Here is a restaurant kitchen equipment list that is essential to run your restaurant kitchen. The first restaurant kitchen equipment that you will require for your restaurant kitchen will be the refrigeration unit. Choosing the right commercial refrigeration equipment is essential for maximum kitchen efficiency, both in energy and ease of food preparation. An integral part of restaurant kitchen equipment is the refrigeration systems. Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers to large walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

Choosing the size of the unit will be dependent on the size of your restaurant and the nature of the restaurant. If you run a restaurant that uses food items that need to be frozen on a large scale, then you should go for a walk in the freezer as it will have maximum space and promote ease of operations. If you are a small restaurant with frozen food as not your basic inventory, a reach-in freezer would be just fine.

With a proper refrigeration unit in place, you will have a place to store all the perishable foods that your restaurant needs and keep fully stocked. A high-quality refrigerator will ensure that the quality of your food is maintained and prevents them from perishing quickly. It will ensure that your kitchen is a safe environment to work in and secondly the quality of your food will depend on it.

The last thing you want during a busy period is for your equipment to break down. Read below to understand the specifications to consider before you buy the refrigeration unit for your restaurant kitchen. So the first thing that you should do is determining the exterior and interior dimensions of your kitchen space. The entryways and doorways should be measured before you choose your equipment because it will be needed to fit through the entryways to your kitchen.

Although they have larger cold storage space and can be custom built to fit any kitchen, smaller restaurants may not require a walk-in cooler. There are even outdoor refrigeration and freezing options available in case of a space crunch. Also, larger refrigerators and freezers require more maintenance. The type of refrigeration that would be required to preserve meat will be different from if you want to preserve Chinese food and likewise.

The Refrigerators should be bought first hand as the new equipment comes with the warranty period. A second-hand Refrigerator will have high maintenance costs, and there is no assurance that when it might stop working. Alternatively, you approach a fabricator that can make it for you after taking your kitchen measurements.

After the Refrigeration unit, another vital restaurant kitchen equipment that you would need in your kitchen is a Slicer. The main task of any slicer is cutting meat and other foods quickly and efficiently. Another benefit of investing in a slicer machine is that consistency and uniformity will be maintained.

This is especially important for QSRs where consistency is the key. There are different slicers available like food slicer, vegetable slicer, meat slicer among others. A slicing machine prevents inconsistency, and a perfect slick thickness will be maintained throughout no matter which employee slices it. Consistent slice thickness shows your customers that your kitchen provides quality food they can count on day after day and helps you in maintain portion control. Portion control will ultimately enable you to bring own your food costs and so investing in a slicer now will be beneficial in the long run.

Keep the following aspects in mind that will help you purchase the best Slicers for your restaurant kitchen. This will also prevent it from over-heating. With this, you will be able to figure out the thickness you will require or whether you need the machine with a lot of power which will depend on the wide range of uses. Also, slicers are of two different types- manual and automatic. If your slicing is low in volume or infrequent, going for a manual food slicer makes more sense.

If your slicing is high in quantity and size-specific, investing in an electric slicer makes more sense. If you invest in a higher-powered model, it is likely to be made of more durable parts that will be able to withstand a wide range of uses before it needs to get replaced. The slicing machine is mostly automatic and can save you time and labor. Investing money in the slicer machine will prove beneficial in the longer run.

Approximate Price of a slicer: Rs. Every restaurant has different needs, and selecting an oven according to what you need to cook is of primary importance. Your commercial oven will perform a wide range of functions starting from heating a simple soup for your customer to preparing different dishes.

In such a scenario, it might become very chaotic if your commercial kitchen is difficult to be used. They should also be easy to clean and maintain. If your restaurant also has a bakery or includes baked goods in the menu, an oven with the setting of a convection oven must be on the top of your restaurant kitchen equipment list. Unlike regular ovens, convection ovens have a fan and an exhaust system that blows hot air around the food. This makes them perfect for making pies or cookies and even for dehydrating.

Cakes, bread, and custards require a regular oven though, so it is better to go for an oven with a convection setting.

Convection ovens are also great appliances for roasting and toasting making them multi-purpose restaurant equipment. It is generally suggested by chefs that oven being an electrical item should be bought new. If you purchase a new oven, you will also get a warranty period with it thus more security.

Read below to find out what all you should consider while purchasing a commercial oven for your restaurant kitchen. Electric ovens are cheaper and effectively distribute heat while being powered by electricity; however, this can often result in a higher heating cost for the restaurant. On the other hand, Gas ovens are more economical in the long run even though they are initially more expensive to purchase.

For instance, for a pizza outlet, if power is not a problem the electric oven might seem a more suitable option. It is always suggested to do prior research before investing in the commercial oven about the brand you finally choose. For more assurance, you can talk to different restaurant owners and chefs about their experiences. Before you invest in your commercial oven, you will have to consider the number of items that will be in the oven and for how much period and how many customers will you be serving then.

Microwaves with two shelves are very practical, allowing you to use space efficiently. Any commercial range in a restaurant is responsible for performing wide range of functions ranging from cooking, grilling, and boiling to performing other cooking functions that is required in any restaurant kitchen A commercial range is the cooking equipment that includes separate cooking areas using gas, electricity, or induction allowing you to use several methods of cooking in one piece of restaurant kitchen equipment.

It consists of a range top and a range base. The cooking ranges for any restaurant should be purchased new as they might not look rusted from outside but internally because of continuous use the iron gets worn out.

So to purchasing a second-hand cooking range is not suggested. Commercial ranges are an integral part of the restaurant kitchen equipment, and the following points must be considered while purchasing them.

The commercial gas range is more popular because of its ability to provide more precise and instant temperature regulation.

Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment and Things To Consider Before Buying Them

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Radio Frequency Identification RFID is a key technology in the food industry that facilitates real-time visibility of items as they move through the supply chain and on to the end-consumer. Among all the currently available automatic identification technologies, RFID has clear dominance in terms of its ability to support real-time two-way communication, data storage and update, authentication, ambient condition sense and report, batch read without direct line-of-sight, operation in harsh environments and sensor-based applications. This includes precision agriculture, the provision of seamless visibility in track and trace applications, reduction of wastage, identification of counterfeits and contamination sources, remaining shelf-life applications for perishables, and quality and safety measures, among others. Providing state-of-the-art information from peer-reviewed research publications as well as general industry trends, this book will be of interest to all stakeholders in the agri-food supply chain, and academics and advanced students with an interest in these fields. Selwyn Piramuthu , Weibiao Zhou. RFID sensor networks. RFID in food retailing. Sustainability and green food supply chain. Perishable food and coldchain management. Food quality safety policy and future.

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