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Manufacturing manufactory various cosmetics and hygiene products

Manufacturing manufactory various cosmetics and hygiene products

Founded in , NBC is a manufacturing enterprise professed in the development, design, and manufacturing of cosmetics ODM. Daily production of wet wipes is 30 million pieces. We own rights to import and export. Our products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions.


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Did You Really Make That? Private Vs White Label Manufacturing In The Beauty Business

Recently, the trend of going back to the roots, simple components and non-invasive procedures has been popular in the cosmetics industry. It is the reason for the sudden interest in raw materials obtained directly from nature and used to produce natural cosmetics.

Information on the composition of a particular cosmetic is placed on the label on the packaging. What can we learn from the label? Which ingredients can be used in natural products? What are their functions? The label on a cosmetic usually contains a list of cosmetic raw materials used for its production. The materials are referred to by using so-called INCI names.

It is a unified naming system of chemical compounds in English and plants in Latin. When buying cosmetics, it is worth paying attention to the list of ingredients to be sure that the product will work in a manner declared by the manufacturer.

One should remember about the rule according to which the ingredients included in the cosmetic are listed in a specific order, starting with those of the highest content in the product. This information allows consumers to make an informed choice when they purchase cosmetics. Due to that, they avoid disappointment when purchased products do not work in the expected manner. Frequently, this is due to the fact that a particular ingredient is present in too small amount in relation to other components, to produce the desired effect.

For this reason, the preparation of a cosmetic product with a specific effect is not an easy task. One should select cosmetic raw materials so that the product has a homogeneous consistency, and the ingredients' properties are in harmony with one another, ensuring the desired results.

This applies to both natural cosmetics and preparations containing synthetic ingredients. Natural cosmetics are products that contain only natural raw materials - mineral resources and ingredients of plant or animal origin. In addition, they should be obtained as a result of such processes as: filtration, extraction, drying, distillation, pressing, milling, lyophilization and sieving. Ingredients of animal origin can be used to produce natural cosmetics only when doing so is not harmful to the health or life of animals.

Such raw materials are, among others, honey, propolis, lanolin and milk. In the production of natural cosmetics, it is also allowed to use cosmetic raw materials obtained in biotechnological processes , i. Hyaluronic acid, among others, is obtained this way. In addition to raw materials of plant and animal origin, in natural cosmetics you can also find :.

For the production of natural cosmetics one shall not use mineral oils, paraffins, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, i. The ingredients of natural cosmetics have to be free from raw materials originating from genetically modified plants as well as from raw materials from dead animals or obtained in the manner harmful for them. It is also important to remember that the production of natural cosmetics requires undertaking measures protecting natural environment.

Cosmetic semi-finished products used in natural preparations have defined functions. However, due to the fact that each natural raw material has a rich composition and various properties , it can serve several functions at the same time. The most important ingredients that are used in natural cosmetics are antioxidants, emulsifying agents, hydrolates and plant extracts, humectants, exfoliants and surfactants. These substances limit the growth of microorganisms and protect the cosmetic ingredients from decomposition.

The natural antioxidants are: lipoic and ferulic acids, Q10 coenzyme, as well as vitamin C and E. Polyphenols and flavonoids found in grape seeds, rosemary and citrus are also effective.

An additional advantage of these substances is protection of the cosmetic product from external factors , which extends its shelf life. Due to emulsifiers , it is possible to create a permanent emulsion, that is, to combine two phases - water and oil.

They give the right consistency and stabilize the cosmetic product. A popular natural emulsifier is GSC Glyceryl Stearate Citrate which, in addition to preventing the stratification of phases of cosmetics, is good for the skin.

Another natural substance used as an emulsifier in cosmetics is also beeswax. Hydrolates are distillates produced as by-products in the process of essential oils manufacture. Their properties depend on the plant which they were obtained from. However, their common features are the ability of toning the skin, improving its condition and soothing irritations.

Hydrolates are also used as so-called water phase in soaps, creams and balms. Vitamins are organic chemical compounds that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Vitamin C, A and E are most commonly used in cosmetics. They effectively soothe skin irritations, protect and regulate its density and restore firmness. Humectants are substances that are responsible for binding water in both the cosmetic preparation and the skin.

Due to them, moisturization is preserved for a long time, wrinkles are smoothed out and the skin becomes taut, supple and elastic.

Natural humectants are aloe, honey, glycerol and hyaluronic acid. Exfoliants are ingredients exfoliating the epidermis, and they are commonly referred to as scrubs.

They remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, stimulating new cells to grow. In addition, they oxygenate and thoroughly cleanse the skin surface. Natural exfoliants can work mechanically or chemically. The first type are abrasive substances , i. The second type of exfoliants are enzymatic agents that dissolve dead cells. In natural cosmetics, hydroxylic acids are used as chemical exfoliants AHA acids. They are found, among others, in milk, fruit and sugar cane, and these are substances such as: malic, citric and mandelic acid.

Plant extracts are active ingredients extracted from plants in the extraction process using solvents, such as vegetable oils or ethanol of plant origin. Their effects result directly from the properties of the raw material from which they were obtained. They serve antibacterial, firming, strengthening, moisturizing, rejuvenating and reducing fatigue and discolouration functions. This group of ingredients is used in cleansing cosmetics, where they are responsible for the saponification of impurities from the surface of the skin and they facilitate skin cleansing.

In natural cosmetics Cocamidopropyl betaine obtained from coconut oil is used. This substance has very good foaming properties , antibacterial effect and it gently removes dirt, without causing skin irritation. Natural cosmetics can be prepared on water base or oil base. Despite different consistencies, no one predominates over the other in terms of performance. Floral waters hydrolates or plain distilled water constitute water phase.

Floral water contains valuable ingredients derived from plant raw materials including their essential oils , due to which it enriches the cosmetic with beneficial properties.

In turn, oil phase in natural cosmetics intensely moisturizes the skin , effectively nourishes it and protects against external factors. In addition, vitamins are dissolved in fats and so they are better able to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

Among cosmetics based on oil base, we can distinguish butters of solid consistency and liquid oils. Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more competitive for synthetic products. This is due to the growing awareness of the benefits of using natural products. Before we trust the manufacturer, it is necessary to read the composition of the cosmetic, paying attention to every detail.

It is also worth testing the product, checking its performance before regular use. It is good to consider whether it is worth losing the effects of improving the condition of the body obtained by means of a healthy diet and exercise by applying parabens, silicones and other synthetic additives on your body.

The answer to this question seems obvious. Which cosmetics are better for us - natural or synthetic? In addition to the prevailing durability of the product and the greater pigmentation of the cosmetics with chemical components , they are not better than preparations obtained from natural ones. Natural cosmetics contain valuable substances that occur naturally, due to which they are safe even for the most sensitive skin.

In addition, they are not tested on animals, and their production takes place with care for the natural environment. However, the most important argument for using this type of preparations is the lack of harmful substances that are often found in synthetic cosmetics.

Their effects after prolonged use may be harmful to our body. Hence, what substances should be definitely avoided and why? These are organic chemicals that act as preservatives and are present in almost all creams and synthetic balms. Their antioxidant effect extends the durability of the cosmetic preparation, but, unfortunately, it is not indifferent to our health. These ingredients have a negative effect on the skin as they can cause redness, allergies and also cancer, which has been supported by tests on animals.

These compounds are not biodegradable and do not dissolve in water. These are organic chemicals used as solar filters that occur in sun creams. Their use may cause hormonal imbalances because they act in a manner similar to female oestrogens. In addition, they can cause allergies. Chemical solar filters do not dissolve in water. These are cyclic silicones, substances that improve the consistency of the cosmetic and facilitate its application.

After some time, they evaporate, but they still negatively affect the body. These compounds are toxic and may be detrimental to our reproduction and may cause endocrine disorders. They belong to organic foam-forming chemicals used in cleansing cosmetics.

These substances are responsible for removing impurities from the surface of hair and skin. They often cause allergies, have a toxic effect on the immune system, and are also suspected of being carcinogenic.

Ethanolamines are often contaminated with nitrosamines, which are very toxic and should therefore be avoided. These are organic chemicals that act as preservatives in cosmetic products.

On the label you can find them under the name: methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, butyl paraben, aseptin.

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Starting a beauty business has never been easier and sometimes it seems that a new cosmetics brand emerges almost every week. Major brands, bloggers, influencers and celebrities are all creating and releasing their latest products in the hope of capturing a share of a multi-billion dollar industry.

If you are looking to produce a line of private label cosmetics in small quantities with your name on it, you can go with a private label cosmetics manufacturer. They can provide you with private label cosmetics such as lipstick, that they stock in their inventory, under your own brand name. You choose the cosmetics and shades that you are interested in along with components from the suppliers library and they will produce, fill and label your personalized looking product. The Private Label company maintains a ready supply of components and finished goods. By using different variations and combinations, and applying your custom labeling or decoration, you can usually find a satisfactory "custom" look.


Every project is a work of collaboration in order to find the best solution for your brand or identity. Inova Cosmetics is a Turkish private label contract manufacturer that provides highly skilled scientific expertise in the formulation of cosmetics products. We believe that science is at the heart of cosmetic innovation. At Inova Cosmetics, we know cosmetics. As a full service company, we create, formulate and manufacture makeup and skin care products. We also know that, when it comes to packaging cosmetic products, every single detail counts. Inova Cosmetics is a private label cosmetic manufacturing company with a state-of-the-art production plant in Istanbul, Turkey. Our manufacturing unit offers highly flexible and versatile services in order to cater to the needs of a wide range of cosmetic companies. Our versatile manufacturing equipment and expert in-house engineering processes can be adapted to innovative filling and assembly techniques for creative beauty products.

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Centrally located in Dallas, Texas, Goodier Cosmetics today operates in over , square feet of warehouse and manufacturing space. Learn More East Hill Industries is a leading provider of cosmetic packaging options. Find Suppliers. Choose from a wide range of Best Cheap makeup at Rudecosmetics. We are proud of our expertise and efficient customer relations.

Welcome to Association of perfumery, cosmetics, household chemicals and hygienic goods manufacturer's website. Here you can find a short information about the Association.

Our private label full service starts from a minimum order size of pcs. Firming Lifting Moisturizing Regenerating Smoothing. Anti-inflammatory Sunscreen Respects skin pH Soothing.

Private Label Cosmetics

This book summarizes the authority of regulatory agencies and programs as they pertain to the cosmetic industry, offers practical advice on how to operate within the regulatory environment, and introduces scientific and regulatory issues that are likely to have an impact on cosmetic manufacturers. Regulation of Advertising by the Federal Trade Commission. The Search for Acceptable and Humane.

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Bo International has been providing advanced and progressive solutions for complete skincare since two decades. We offer private label manufacturing services. We can customize the packaging of products according to your requirement. We prepare our beauty products and essential oils after extensive research. At Bo International, we offer our customers with custom formulation services. Enjoying leadership in the skincare manufacturing industry, Bo International offers you the golden opportune moment to create custom skincare product formulations for your brand.

Cosmetic Manufacturers

You provide your own components, labels, etc. What you get is a truly custom looking product from formula to packaging. If you are looking to produce a line of lotions in small quantities with your name on it, you can go with a private label manufacturer. Mobile Dashboard. Lotion Manufacturer Find a lotion manufacturer to produce your custom made lotion care products. Click to get started:. Tropical Enterprises International, Inc We specialize in personal care formulating from concept to completion.

Cosmetic Solutions is the industry's leading developer and manufacturer of scientifically proven, state-of-the-art skin care products for renowned skin experience in private label manufacturing is the SOLUTION to all of your skin care needs.

You can also outsource a specific part of your production to us. Our expertise in concept management considerably reduces time to market. Meticulous product development is key to the success of any product.

Quimi Romar was founded in and during the past 50 years has consolidated itself as a recognized leader in the production and distribution of personal care, cosmetics and homecare products. Within our sector our Organization is recognized globally and products are in its due to the presence of our brands in over 70 countries. Our catalogue has an offering of more than references distributed across 40 different product families within both Personal Care and Homecare categories. Such a wide range comfortably renders a complete solution to just about any personal and home care need.

At present, beauty products play the major role in both men and women daily routine. Thus, in turn, plenty of cosmetic brands available in the global market. However, Thailand is one of the renowned cosmetic markets because they manufacture products from natural extracts and herbs from all over the world. Are you looking for the cream factory cosmetic manufacturing Thailand?

Our exclusively formulated private label products are entirly made of carefully selected safe and natural ingredients your customers will love.

Health Focus Manufacturers deliver quality skin care, hair care and cosmetics manufacturing products to Australian and International businesses. Is your Manufacturer due a review? We can help reduce your bottom line and reduce supply chain risks. We believe that Health Focus Manufacturers are the best product development and contract manufacturing business in Australia. In essence, our logo and its tagline sum up our business; we are quality cosmetic manufacturers that employ the best people and processes to efficiently manufacture your products, and we do this with a respectful attitude towards our relationship with our clients.

Each product must be traceable to a responsible person in the European Union and the traceability of each of the cosmetic products in the supply chain must be guaranteed. To ensure their safety, all commercially available cosmetic products must be manufactured in accordance with the principles of best manufacturing practices, with compliance being monitored by national authorities. The aspects that the European standard leaves to the Member States can be regulated at national level. Therefore, the new Royal Decree is issued which specifies issues such as the competent authorities for the supervision of the market and for the reception and transmission of notifications of serious undesirable effects and serious risks to health, the powers of inspection and the adoption of health protection measures that correspond to these authorities, as well as the procedures to be followed. The procedures for compliance with the administrative cooperation principle are also regulated and the instrument also specifies other issues such as those relating to the language to be used in the labelling and the information sheet supplied with cosmetic products. In addition, the aforementioned Regulation allows each Member State to regulate the notification by health professionals or by consumers of any serious undesirable effects caused by cosmetic products to the competent national authorities. In the Spanish Cosmetovigilance System, the rules for operation will be dictated in accordance with the functions contemplated in article

Recently, the trend of going back to the roots, simple components and non-invasive procedures has been popular in the cosmetics industry. It is the reason for the sudden interest in raw materials obtained directly from nature and used to produce natural cosmetics. Information on the composition of a particular cosmetic is placed on the label on the packaging. What can we learn from the label?

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