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Product plant cables for control, monitoring, alarm

Product plant cables for control, monitoring, alarm

The Transmitter accepts 4no input signals, wired from a single gas, via a 5-core cable 4no switched conditions and 1no Common. The input signals are typically monitored for integrity via an end-of-line termination board knowns as a TB4 PCB. All supply, input and data-bus terminations are via simple 45deg PCB mounted terminals. Application: The Plant To Alarm transmitter is manufactured for a single gas input. The transmitter also provides duplicate output contacts 4no for interfacing via a 5 core connection again 4no conditions and 1no Common.

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FSI Integrated Security Products

Services to improve building performance and operations. IoT-cloud software to deliver operational and energy efficiency while ensuring business continuity. Based on latest technology merging, mobile App, Web platform and IoT, EcoStruxure Facility Expert subscriptions helps you deliver valuable services to optimize operation, monitor energy and control HVAC equipment remotely in single or multi-site buildings.

Purpose-built to keep your power reliable and efficient. Award-winning EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert is designed to help power-critical and energy-intensive facilities maximize uptime and operational efficiency. Your team needs continuous visibility into every risk, and the ability to react immediately.

Services that ensure your power management system is always in-tune and providing optimum performance. A proactive, analytics-based service for your power management system, delivering optimized performance and power reliability.

Take metering to the next level. Smart metering platform for rollout and operation. Power, scale and flexibility for your growing network. Unique and comprehensive solution adds data analytics for enhanced smart grid operations. Remote terminal unit RTU for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering. Intelligent, web-enabled, programmable RTU - perfect for the combined metering of water, air, gas, electricity and steam. Modbus to IEC Gateway. Integrates Modbus device data to IEC protocol for accurate data retrieval, enhanced security, and optimized network bandwidth.

Energy servers and data loggers. Comprehensive views of energy consumption, enabling energy efficiency actions. Ethernet gateway. For simple, cost-effective serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. Panel power meters for feeders or tenant space. Basic power and energy meter for feeders, loads or tenant space. DIN rail power meters for basic metering applications.

The essential power meters for understanding your electrical installation and optimizing your operations. High-end cost management capabilities in an affordable power meter. Compact, versatile power meters for energy cost and basic network management applications.

Multifunction energy and power meters. The easy choice for energy cost management applications in commercial buildings and SME industries. Energy and power meter. Replace multiple analogue meters, and still get all the electrical system measurements you need. The easy choice for quality, value, and simplicity. The easy choice for dual source energy recording. Separately record consumption of any two power source combinations. Save money and maintain a reliable, dependable electrical distribution network.

Split-core CT form factor for basic electrical metering. Innovative form factor puts metering inside a split-core CT. Single-phase DIN rail mounted energy meters. DIN-rail energy meters for single-phase circuits up to 63A.

Direct measurement of single phase circuits up to 63A. Feature-rich energy meter for DIN rail, modular enclosures in commercial and non-critical buildings. Wireless energy sensor. Designed for new or existing installations in the residential, small business, and commercial building segments, PowerTag sends alerts in the event of an electrical anomaly, so now, home owners can enjoy peace of mind and business owners can count on operational efficiency and uptime.

DIN-rail mounted impulse counter. Acti 9 analog impulse counter for basic panel instrumentation. PowerLogic and Acti 9 analog ammeters and voltmeters for basic panel instrumentation. PowerLogic and Acti 9 analog hour counters for basic panel instrumentation. DIN-rail mounted ammeter - voltmeter - frequencemeter. Acti 9 digital ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters for basic panel instrumentation.

Advanced power quality analysis and revenue-accurate meters. Energy and power quality meter for utility network, mains or critical loads. Advanced power quality meets unparalleled innovation. With precision twice that of existing energy standards, the ION redefines the standard for accuracy.

A certified power quality instrument PQI , it resolves power quality issues faster with patented disturbance tracking technology, and provides unique modularity designed to adapt to your changing energy needs, now and far into the future. Advanced energy and power quality power meters for utility network monitoring.

Revenue and power quality power meters for utility network monitoring. Simplifying power quality, maximizing versatility. Compact, high-performance power meters for cost and network management applications on feeders and critical loads. Branch Circuit Power Meter. Multi-circuit energy and power meter to monitor circuits and mains. Multi-circuit energy meter for high density networks. Reliable metering of individual tenants with low installation cost-per-point. Simplify energy monitoring and drive savings.

Save on the cost of both equipment and installation. Add multiple revenue-grade metering points without having to purchase, mount, wire and commission individual energy meters. Meter configuration and verification utility. A free, user-friendly environment for device commissioning. Current transformers from 40A to A. CT current transformers for symmetrical DIN rail, on mounting plate, or on busbar.

Compact energy and power quality meters for feeders or critical loads. Advanced revenue and power quality monitoring with patented ION Technology.

Insulation range. Insulation monitoring devices for fault detection and location. Part of PowerLogic. Enerlin'X Com'X Energy servers and data loggers. Link Ethernet gateway. PowerLogic PM series High-end cost management capabilities in an affordable power meter. Easy Logic PM series Multifunction energy and power meters. Part of Easy Series.

PowerTag Wireless energy sensor. PowerLogic PM series Simplifying power quality, maximizing versatility. EM series Multi-circuit energy meter for high density networks. EM series Simplify energy monitoring and drive savings. ION Setup Meter configuration and verification utility. Current transformer T1 Current transformers from 40A to A. Vigilohm Insulation range. Need help?

Distributed control system

We are proud of our passionate focus on customer needs, our expertise, our highly-qualified employees, our worldwide offices, and a network of regional partners. Contact us today or click on your application area above to see what we can do for you! Denmark's largest offshore wind farm required a reliable, high-performance solution for protecting and monitoring cable loads and immediately detecting faults. Our system is not only used for early fire detection and localization, but also to deliver information for efficient fire management and activation of fire suppression systems. Self-unloaders have more than m of conveyer belts, which are important to protect and monitor.

Our perimeter sensors are ideal for medium security applications that might be as small as 50 meters to large airports bigger than 25km. Let us help you protect your site. We protect the most critical resources in the world with the highest level of security.

HWC has positioned itself as a master supplier of Sound, Security, and Fire Alarm Cable products over the years of its progressive march towards carrying new and innovative products. Used for everything from remote control signaling and power-limited circuit applications to advanced security system controls, HWC carries a variety of constructions and types based on application needs that have been identified by our distributors. HWC also specializes in hard-to-find specialty items. The HWC team is always concerned with filling customers' orders as properly and efficiently as possible. And if it's not in stock, HWC will get it- no problem!

Cables for Fire Alarm Systems

A distributed control system DCS is a computerised control system for a process or plant usually with many control loops , in which autonomous controllers are distributed throughout the system, but there is no central operator supervisory control. This is in contrast to systems that use centralized controllers; either discrete controllers located at a central control room or within a central computer. The DCS concept increases reliability and reduces installation costs by localising control functions near the process plant, with remote monitoring and supervision. Distributed control systems first emerged in large, high value, safety critical process industries, and were attractive because the DCS manufacturer would supply both the local control level and central supervisory equipment as an integrated package, thus reducing design integration risk. Today the functionality of SCADA and DCS systems are very similar, but DCS tends to be used on large continuous process plants where high reliability and security is important, and the control room is not geographically remote. The key attribute of a DCS is its reliability due to the distribution of the control processing around nodes in the system. This mitigates a single processor failure. If a processor fails, it will only affect one section of the plant process, as opposed to a failure of a central computer which would affect the whole process. The accompanying diagram is a general model which shows functional manufacturing levels using computerised control. Levels 1 and 2 are the functional levels of a traditional DCS, in which all equipment are part of an integrated system from a single manufacturer.

POWER #11 out now!

A security alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion — unauthorized entry — into a building or other area such as a home or school. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary theft or property damage , as well as personal protection against intruders. Security alarms in residential areas show a correlation with decreased theft. Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.

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Services to improve building performance and operations. IoT-cloud software to deliver operational and energy efficiency while ensuring business continuity. Based on latest technology merging, mobile App, Web platform and IoT, EcoStruxure Facility Expert subscriptions helps you deliver valuable services to optimize operation, monitor energy and control HVAC equipment remotely in single or multi-site buildings.

Houwire® Fire Alarm Cables

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SDX Plant To Alarm Interface

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Cables for control systems and alarm

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FSI Integrated Security Products

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Choose DEIF to increase your performance and efficiency

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Security alarm

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