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Production plant threads and thread products

Production plant threads and thread products

The non-profit foundation of Hanns A. Pielenz supports predominantly regional projects in the fields of art and culture, science and research and education and training. Since , AMANN has been one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads and Smart Yarns. Textile know-how and cross-sector expertise make us a leader in technology and a strong partner to our customers all over the world. Together with them, we develop intelligent products, individual solutions and innovative concepts for the market needs of today and tomorrow. In doing so, we combine tradition and innovation into functional threads for a wide range of different applications.

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Garment Industry Threads

It's our passion. And we are equally passionate about helping your business succeed. Your challenges inspire our custom solutions. Service Thread customers benefit from our knowledge, proven reliability, global supply chain partnerships, and advanced processing techniques. When you partner with Service Thread, you partner with a global leader in manufacturing engineered yarns and threads. Click the play button to learn more!

Here our team gives their take on current topics in thread. Service Thread designs, develops and delivers engineered yarns and sewing threads specifically to solve product and processing problems and add value through longer running times or faster processing speeds.

Our customers manufacture thermoplastic and rubber hoses, FIBC and multiwall bags, slings, tie-downs, tarps and wire and cable products using thread or yarn for reinforcement or sewing applications. We will not let you down. A Reliable Partnership With A Global Leader Service Thread customers benefit from our knowledge, proven reliability, global supply chain partnerships, and advanced processing techniques.

Bright ideas from our team to yours. This is the beginning of a long and successful partnership. How can we be of service to you? King Street Laurinburg, NC Learn About Our Process.

Threading (manufacturing)

Silk in the 19th century was a precious material and difficult to obtain. Professionally processing it into silk threads was considered a supreme discipline. In , the young company celebrated its 25 th anniversary. But it had been a long journey.

Get Latest Price. View Complete Details. Loop Pin is a type of controller that does not require any type of tag gun to put a price card to a product.

Threads India Limited is a part of Lohia Group. Lohia Group is a well established industrial and manufacturing conglomerate, known all over the world, for their modern technical knowhow and quality products. The core competence of Threads India Limited lies in producing threads of International Standards, which is done in compliance with Advanced European Technology. The advanced technological know how originally sourced from Cousin Freres S. To produce world class thread we blend the finest raw materials available in the world.


Thread is a key component of many items that we use daily. From apparel that we wear, to the furniture we sit on, thread is all around us. It is even part of the tea bag used at lunch. Sewing threads are generally used to assemble sewn products together, and the quality of the seam is dependent on the quality of the sewing thread used. Each market may require a thread with different physical properties to achieve optimum sewing and seaming performance. If you consider the many uses of thread, the complexity of designing a thread is apparent. Consideration must be given to: sewability, seam performance, seam appearance, not to mention availability and cost. Physical characteristics that vary from fiber type and thread construction include: tenacity, loop strength, linear strength, elongation, elastic recovery, loop formation, twist construction, ply security, shrinkage, stitch appearance, colorfastness, resistance to abrasion, chemicals, heat, and light.

AMANN – The company history

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Nerteks is one of the leading industrial thread manufacturers in Turkey.

Information on sewing thread, its production as well as the market. Sewing thread is not to be confused with embroidery yarn. Thread is a tightly twisted strand of two or more plys of yarn that are circular when cut in cross section.

Thread Science- Choosing The Right Thread From Fiber to Finishing

It's our passion. And we are equally passionate about helping your business succeed. Your challenges inspire our custom solutions.

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Threading is the process of creating a screw thread. More screw threads are produced each year than any other machine element. There are various methods for generating screw threads. The method chosen for any one application is chosen based on constraints—time, money, degree of precision needed or not needed , what equipment is already available, what equipment purchases could be justified based on resulting unit price of the threaded part which depends on how many parts are planned , etc. In general, certain thread-generating processes tend to fall along certain portions of the spectrum from toolroom -made parts to mass-produced parts, although there can be considerable overlap. For example, thread lapping following thread grinding would fall only on the extreme toolroom end of the spectrum, while thread rolling is a large and diverse area of practice that is used for everything from microlathe leadscrews somewhat pricey and very precise to the cheapest deck screws very affordable and with precision to spare.

Application & Innovation

Durak Tekstil is the industrial sewing and embroidery thread manufacturer that implements customer Orient solutions by facilitating innovative and experimenter high Technologies. Products are being manufactured in is integrated manufacturing facilities particularly with its features of quality sustainability and service capabilities according to the requirements of the global market. Durak sewing thread trademarks are being introduced to the market all over the World by means of its international sales network. By following up developments in global sewing and embroidery sector, we offer you, our business partners-solutions with high technology. We have gathered ideal products that provide extraordinary performance in Apparel Industry Sewing Operations, in our product portfolio since we are acknowledged that you wish your products to have higher quality and to be preferable.

Sewing threads are generally used to assemble sewn products together, and the quality of Natural Fibers- Come from plants or animals and are spun or twisted into yarns. Continuous Filaments are used in the manufacturing of five thread.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more about cookies. Sewing thread has a variety of descriptions. We generally refer to it as, "two or more yarns twisted together to form a single strand in a plied or corded construction".

We invest in new technologies and tools. We believe in sharing knowledge with other leaders in industrial sewing thread and industrial yarn. We offer service backed by expertise.

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